Katie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern. She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Communications from Vanderbilt University in 1997 and completed her Masters in Counseling from Houston Graduate School of Theology in 2015. 

Katie is passionate about integrating therapeutic excellence and Christian spirituality.  She has been married to a pastor for 19 years and is the mother of three daughters. Before pursuing a career as a therapist, Katie was involved with discipleship ministry and women’s ministry leadership at various churches. She has always counted it a tremendous privilege to walk beside those who feel confused, anxious, or discouraged. 

Katie enjoys working with individuals and couples who are struggling with relationship dynamics, anxiety, depression, grief, identity issues, and faith crises. She believes that our thoughts about ourselves, others, the world, and God greatly impact our mental and emotional health.  Katie uses cognitive and emotion focused approaches to foster healing and growth. 

Our culture tends to convey that perfection is necessary and attainable, and many struggle when life does not line up with expectations. Katie enjoys helping individuals make relational connections and embrace vulnerability during times of transition or when they feel stuck. She believes that times of disruption in life can be useful in helping individuals to embrace their value and purpose. 

Marriage should be a place of loving connection for the purpose of bringing glory to God in His world. When couples have lost a sense of safety with one another, Katie works to create a context in which they can examine their hearts, grieve, forgive, change, and emotionally reengage. She finds that the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy provide helpful frameworks for conflicted couples. She also works with engaged couples using SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before is Starts) and PREPARE/ENRICH. 

Katie works with her clients to determine their goals and makes it her top priority to create an atmosphere of safety and trust. She relies on her Biblical worldview and her belief that suffering can be the birthplace of beauty and meaning.