Individual therapy can provide a safe, warm environment to discuss, process, and gain insight into current struggles and challenges. Our practice offers the space for clients of all ages to come in to get the support they need and the results they desire. We take pride in our willingness to collaborate with other professionals on your "team" including psychiatrists, physicians, teachers and school counselors.  
Clients come to us with a variety of needs. Some clients come for short term work to address a very specific issue. Other clients seek therapy to address more pervasive patterns and struggles. We meet each client where they are in their journey and develop a treatment plan to pave the way for hope and healing. 

Our staff works with children presenting with a variety of issues. Our young clients are often struggling with anxiety, trauma, and grief. In addition, we offer therapy services to children who are experiencing difficulties within the family. We offer therapy services to kids who are affected by addiction, divorce, chronic illness, grief, and abuse within the family. We strive to build resiliency, empowerment, connection, and grit in the children we treat so that they are well equipped to tackle any challenges they face. 

Adolescence can be an exciting and challenging time for our clients. Our therapists have a passion for connecting with teens and helping them to navigate the developmental milestones they are facing. Our teen clients are often struggling with peer relationships, academic pressure, high risk behaviors, anxiety, depression, and conflict within the family. We work with our clients to find their voice, identify their values, and to build respectful assertiveness so that they are able to advocate for themselves and achieve their goals. Adolescents are under tremendous stress and pressure in today's world. We are committed to being a safe place for these clients to gain support and to develop the skills they need to build strong relationships and to reach their full potential. 

At Memorial Family Connections, we work with adults of all ages. We meet each client where they are in their journey and help them to navigate their struggles. Our clients often come to us feeling anxious, lost, depressed, or unfulfilled. We work to equip our clients with the skills they need to enhance mental wellness and improve their overall functioning. We strive for our clients to lead healthy lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.