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Katie Ashby

Katie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has a deep passion for integrating her clinical training and Christian faith. Katie believes that emotional health is critical to human flourishing and understands that the counseling relationship can be a powerful tool to promote personal growth, freedom, and healing.

Katie has a deep passion for walking alongside clients that have experienced trauma and unresolved wounds from the past. You can trust Katie to cultivate a sacred space for her clients to find healing and understanding. Katie supports clients in embracing vulnerability and courage in the midst of their pain. She is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and uses this tool to help clients resolve disturbing material or memories connected to past trauma. Katie helps clients identify their internal strengths and resources and put them into action in overcoming life’s obstacles.

Katie’s therapeutic approaches are rooted in Christian beliefs and centers on helping men and women heal from past wounds, find freedom and hope in areas of struggle, and grow in confidence. She understands that in times of pain and conflict, people often lose their way and compromise those things most valuable to them. Working through issues of anxiety, grief, betrayal, and faith confusion are common goals for Katie’s clients. She partners with these clients to strengthen their ability to connect with themselves, with God, and with others.

Katie earned her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Communications from Vanderbilt University in 1997 and completed her Masters in Counseling from Houston Graduate School of Theology in 2015. She has been married for over 20 years and is a mother to three daughters. In addition to counseling and family life, Katie provides women’s ministry leadership at her church and enjoys music, exercise, and building relationships.