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We are a group therapy practice located in the Memorial Area of Houston, Texas.
We support our community by offering therapy services for individuals, couples, and families to enhance mental wellness, build resiliency, and heal relationships.

Welcome to Memorial Family Connections - Memorial Area of Houston, Texas group therapy practice

At Memorial Family Connections,

…we are a committed and compassionate group of therapists, but you might also call us life coaches or relationship enthusiasts. Our clients often come to us feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Many clients find themselves at a crossroads in their lives and are struggling to figure out the next step. We help people who crave more connection in their relationships and who yearn to lead a more authentic and meaningful life, but often find themselves burdened by anxiety, self-doubt, depression, or conflict.

We are invested in giving our clients the opportunity to empower themselves to reach their full potential and overcome difficult life experiences and patterns. Our experienced clinicians understand that navigating times of trauma, grief, and burnout can be the birthplace of new opportunities and growth. We believe that being intentional in our lives and our relationships will change the world, one person- one family- one generation at a time.

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Welcome to Memorial Family Connections - Memorial Area of Houston, Texas.jpg

 “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort.
You cannot have both.”

—Brené Brown