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Anxiety is one of the most common presenting issues we see. Whether you struggle with waves of intense panic or you endure a constant feeling of dread and fear, we are here to help. Anxiety often keeps us tucked away in our tiny comfort zones and we miss out on so many things life has to offer. We approach anxiety through a mind/body/spirit approach. We will teach you tools to get relief from the physical symptoms of anxiety, equip you with ways to calm your mind from obsessive thoughts, and to find peace in a chaotic world.  


Whether you are suffering through a major depressive episode or you can’t seem to shake the blues, we are here to help. Through difficult times in life, all of us experience varying degrees of depressed moods. Sometimes these phases pass, while other times people need a little help to get through the darkness. Depression can be situational and come on after a painful event or period of chronic stress. Other times, it can sneak in and attack out of nowhere. Whatever the situation is, our team can meet you where you are and create a plan to help you get your life and soul back. 


What is my purpose? After all these years of working hard and putting others first, what do I have to show for it? Does anything I do really matter? Is this all there is to life? Sound familiar?? Chances are, you are embarking on a mid-life crisis. We are here to help you sort through these heavy and complex questions. Although your life might feel completely flipped upside down, we will support you as you tackle these internal conflicts and move forward in creating a fulfilling life of purpose, creativity, and connection.


As family therapists, we know how wonderful, hard, beautiful, and maddening family relationships can be. A collection of uniquely made individuals sharing a common space with differing personalities and expectations can be a challenge for even the strongest families. Throw differing values, loyalties, communication styles, and love languages into the mix and family life really gets tough. Despite the inevitable challenges of family dynamics, we know that there are boundless opportunities for healing, love, and connection found within the family. We work with all different kinds of families. Some families come to us when one family member is in crisis and they don’t know what steps to take to help. Other families work together to heal from a painful event like death, illness, trauma, or divorce. We also work with multiple generations of a family to navigate changes and unmet expectations that come to a head during holidays, vacations, and other family gatherings. No matter what the situation is, we can partner with your family to address conflict, heal wounds, set healthy boundaries, and find joy and healing. 


Sometimes incredibly difficult things and events happen in life and we just can’t figure out how to move past them. Abuse, violence, tragedy, accidents, natural disasters, and relationship betrayals are a small list of the many difficult trials people can encounter in life. We understand the sense of fear and vulnerability these events bring. Sometimes these events happen in childhood and the memories and beliefs associated with them follow us into adulthood. Sometimes the events are recent and you find yourself replaying them in your head over and over with feelings of intense fear and dread. Our therapists understand the emotional toll these events take on a person’s life. You can trust our trained clinicians to offer you a safe place to process these difficult events and work with you to find healing. Several of our therapists are trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and utilize this effective treatment to address flashbacks and other symptoms of trauma. It takes courage to tackle these wounds head on but with the right support and treatment, you will discover the liberating feelings of healing and closure.


Our therapy team is highly trained to address common struggles found in couples and relationships. Working through betrayals, intimacy challenges, disconnection, and chronic conflict are common goals of our clients. Whether you come in as a couple or we do some individual work to explore your contribution to the problem, we can work together to gain insights into your relationship and explore ways to effectively address any issue at hand.


Do you struggle with people pleasing, even at the expense of your own thoughts and feelings? Do you feel overly responsible for others and have a difficult time setting boundaries? Do you have difficulty saying “no” and find yourself resentful and unhappy? If the answer is “yes”, chances are you are struggling with codependency. Various family dynamics often create this pattern of relating to others. This causes pervasive unhappiness and creates many unhealthy relationship patterns. Our therapists can support you through this important work as you learn to build self-respect and feel empowered to set healthy boundaries. The fruit of this labor is a life of joy, peace, and empowerment.


Launching healthy, confident, compassionate, and resilient teens into the world takes a village. We all know that adolescence can be messy with all the identity crises, strong emotions, hormones, and desperate desires to be accepted. We believe that building a strong emotional IQ and learning healthy ways of coping creates a solid foundation for resiliency and grit. When teens operate from a place of self worth and self-awareness, they feel much more empowered to tackle their struggles head on. Recovering from a break-up, family conflict, academic stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and social struggles are common issues we treat in therapy.  


When life is hard it is common to engage in behaviors to “take the edge” off. Whether it is a glass of wine, a shopping spree, a bowl of ice cream, or a never-ending Netflix binge, we will help you take a look to see if these issues are creating problems in your life. We understand that these issues are not black and white and we take our time to sort through them with you to gain some awareness in these patterns. For some, these behaviors become problematic to their health, their relationships, and to their overall functioning in life. We approach these issues with compassion and without judgment. We partner with many agencies when more in depth treatment is needed and we will help you to create a plan to regain your life back. In addition, we work with partners and families who are struggling when an addiction is present with a loved one. We are here to help empower our clients and to foster healthy ways of coping.  


CS Lewis wrote, “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear”. Grief is a difficult and sacred journey. Whether you are grieving a loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or a medical diagnosis, we are here to help. We understand that grief can feel overwhelming at times and it can feel like life as you have known it is over. Embracing the grief journey head on takes courage and strength. We will walk with you as you process your emotions and expand your heart. Grief can be the birthplace of many beautiful things and make room for new beginnings. We support individuals, couples, and families through the emotions and transitions resulting from a difficult diagnosis, disability, or loss.


Do you feel disconnected from your faith? Have you been wounded by your church or place of worship? Do you feel like you are desperately seeking mercy and feel like your prayers have been unanswered? Through different periods in life, our spiritual beliefs are challenged and tested. We provide a safe place to explore your beliefs and questions and to support you on a path of nurturing your faith and finding hope in the midst of pain. 


Whether it is unhappiness in a career, a relationship, or just an overall “blah” feeling in life, we can help. Many of our high achieving clients set unrealistic standards for themselves and find themselves cranky, resentful, bored, and unsatisfied. Parenting and other care-taking professions are really vulnerable to this as it often feels like endless effort is required and progress is difficult to measure. Our team understands the importance of being intentional in navigating these feelings. We work with these clients to build self-care, set healthy boundaries, and find ways to revitalize their passions. 


Divorce is just plain hard. Some of our clients are just starting the process and feel overwhelmed and scared. Others are further along in their divorce journey and trying to figure out what is next. Divorce comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether the decision to divorce was a mutual agreement based on the slow death of a relationship, or you feel like the rug was pulled out from underneath you- we are here to help you stay grounded, process your emotions, and embark on a path of healing and new beginnings. 


Life can be especially difficult when you are at a crossroads in life. You can feel stuck, overwhelmed, or feel exhausted from obsessively thinking about what to do next. Whether you are at a crossroads in your relationship, your career, or in your family, we are here to create a space for you to tackle these decisions with a clear mind and open heart. We will empower you build wisdom and clarity in your decision making so you can move forward with confidence.